Friday, 24 March 2017

Construction Timesheet

The construction timesheet enables the company to overview and display all the projects and the users on just a single and easy to use page. It allows the construction company to view and calculate the amount of all labour used for the past one or two weeks for every construction project, and the total sum of money that the company spend.

This construction timesheet will be able to give the figures of the number of hours any user has worked, if it less or more than the usual working week, which implies that any incorrect hours will be noticed, highlighted and fixed before the final processing of the payments. The user will also be able to forward the PDF copy regarding the company’s overview to any of the email addresses, which is essential notifying for the third party payroll processor.

Let’s take the example of Builder Storm Company-this company has developed a range of features which cover almost every aspect of managing a big construction firm. It also regularly updates and supports its software, and this helps to add more functionality, and hence the user will greatly benefit from these update and improvements. This software is also flexible when it comes to dealing with your needs. The list of features are also very extensive ranging from the Asset Management, Timesheets, RFI and the Defect Reporting, Training Compliance, Daily Diaries, Document Hosting, Mail Sharing and the Allocation of the Labour and Deliveries. This system is permission based, coming with a sufficiently flexible user and the project management system.

Some of the reasons on why the construction timesheet is important to a company.


        It checks the availability of your crews and their progress
        It tracks the working hours and reports to the office
        It also saves and modifies the completed reports
        Uploading PDFs and Excel reports to the cloud drives and printing them
        Syncing data across all the multiple devices
        Working online and also offline.
        It also saves time and reduces the expenses.

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