Saturday, 18 February 2017

Re-learning the 7 keys to the New Consumer Market

Nothing new you will know if I told you that everything is changing, nothing new will take you from this post if I only told you that the speed of change is very high compared to other times, and you will not have heard for the first time that the cause of all this Be the new digital technologies. You may also visit Business Study Notes for more information about business education and other marketing terminologies.
If you're in the business world, then what are you waiting for to act? The best way to start this year 2015 is with new goals and strategies to achieve them. And the basis of these strategies should be your intuitions and knowledge of what is happening in the market.
Here are some of the keys that I consider fundamental to understand the new market that comes:
Digital: - People in the new market are digital, they use technology for everything, in fact they make and plan part of their lives according to technology. However, companies have not come to this point. You are in the sector that you are, you will have to start using the language of your clients to communicate with them, and this language is written in zeros and ones.
Collaborative: - The new collaborative economy is generating a whole social movement that must be transferred to companies. It is no longer so important to own, but to have access to something. Look for new strategies within your company that allow people to share or exchange things with other people, and analyze how you can bring value in this action. The value will translate into economic return, do not hesitate.
Social: - Consumers are becoming more social, like recommendations, stars, ratings of other buyers, and likes to share almost everything. Analyze this behaviour of your potential clients and think that you can implant in your company to satisfy them.
Global: - The market is global, and launching an ecommerce store can help you get customers from all over the world. Now, this does not mean that you have to use all your resources to reach consumers around the world. Rather, what it means is that you look for niche markets around the world, and once localized, you apply concrete resources to capture them.
Local: - The market is global, but consumers are local. There is a certain tendency towards our own, towards the artisan, towards the authentic and particular. Analyze this trend and do not seek to compete with the major distribution chains. Identify what you can do in an authentic and close way to differentiate yourself.
Mobile: - The market is mobile because people are mobile. In other previous articles I have already discussed the possibilities offered mobility to generate disruptive innovation in enterprises. It analyzes how to incorporate strategies based on mobility to attract or retain customers.
Prosumer: - Finally, think about what the consumer has become very demanding, so much, that even gets involved in the design of new products. The consumer has become a Prosumer. Analyzes strategies, open Innovation within your company to engage the consumer in your own development actions.
Do not expect to copy other strategies, takes controlled risks and dare to launch innovative strategic actions that allow you to create new models of more profitable and more efficient business.

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