Saturday, 18 February 2017

Marketing Mix of Products - 4Cs

Below are the most important part of marketing mix, which is 4Cs of Marketing Mix, i.e. clients, customers, customers and consumers.

4Cs Technique

The technique of 4Ps can be used today by many companies, but it is true for many others, the marketing techniques of the 60s are not valid today. Therefore, other authors have moved the 4Ps to the 4Cs. You may also visit Business Study Notes for more information about business education and other marketing terminologies.
1.     Client
A product is not good or bad in itself, it is necessary the optics of the client to know the suitability of the same. The important thing is not to manufacture, if not to sell the manufactured, for it is fundamental to know the needs of our client, central element of our strategy.
2.     Cost
Seen as the opportunity cost, acquisition cost and cost of use. The price is no longer the determining variable, but what our customer fails to make or buy to acquire our product or the difficulties it finds to acquire and use it.
3.     Convenience
We no longer decide the place or the distribution of our product, but we have to be attentive to how our client wants to acquire it. That is why the convenience of knowing how to use the appropriate channels in which our client is more proactive in the purchase.
4.     Communication

We must communicate a clear message. The purpose of communication must be to persuade and persuade. It can also be better understood as conversation, since in communicating we offer information, but from the conversation we get feedback.

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