Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Visit US Capitol Building-Washington DC

It is a meeting point of the senate and the house of representative. The well recognized historic building is beautiful designed and plays the vital role in the days of elections 2016. United States capitol is situated opposite to the famous mall of the city name “National Mall”. It is prominent building of the state and is an impressive prominent example.
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US Capitol is having 540 rooms among 5 levels of massive architectural building. The different levels are allocated to different departments. Do you the different levels of the building? If no, we are here to provide you knowledge:
·         Basement:                  Machinery room             
·         Ground Floor:           Congressional Offices
·         2nd Floor:                     Holds Chamber of the house of Representative on North wing while senate on                                                         the west wing.
·         3rd Floor:                      area for the visitors to attend sessions
·         4th Floor:                      Additional offices

Renovation of US Capitol
The dome of the building has 1000 + cracks and undergo through the restoration process since 1959 to 1960. It gets repaired and is completed in the year 2015. In the time of restorations, visitors allow touring the building except for the dome area.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to tour the US capitol is on presidential inauguration ceremony of 2017. It will be held on 20th January and will celebrate whole week. There are numerous functions held in the building described below for inauguration ceremony after elections;

·         Inaugural Swearing
The activities that are performed on the inauguration day which is described below one by one:
·         perform morning worship
·         President takes oath in the administered office that is located on the steps of the building.
·         Vice president also fulfills the responsibility of taking the oath in front of the nation.
·         After taking the oath president gives the inaugural address and gives his vision and goals for the nation.

·         Presidential Inauguration Parade
It is coordinate and is synchronized by the Armed Forces Inaugural Committee. The AFIC select the armed forces from all the branches of the united state. It is a traditional manner to honor the president of the state.  It is 10 day long program with nominal support units like:
·         Color guards’
·         Salute Batteries
·         Musical Bands
·         Honor Cordons

·         Inauguration Balls
There are total 14 official balls and only invited persons are allowing attending. But many local & officials sponsors are introducing the unofficial balls and are open to the public.

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