Thursday, 17 November 2016

Fun Game Over Text

Gaming is one of the old thing since the mankind are doing. If you believe that text games are old day’s thing think again. People nowadays still loves to play games over text even in the presence of some dominating games like, Pokemon Go, Candy Crush and some other attracted games. Games over text are brain racking, funny and make a strong relationship bound.  We will discuss some of the best games that can be played over the phone so let’s start with some of the most hilarious kind of text game.
Emoticon Puzzle
No doubt we are living in 2017 but still game is most popular game still. This game is quite challenging. Players form words from the emoticons and other player’s needs to decode the meaning of that word. In this game you will get some of the funniest answer. The more the difficult the word is the more fun will be.  Narrow down this by filtering the category. E.g. Movie names, Name of Games.
Chain of Emoticons
One of the most populous game among the Whatsapp users. The new version of classic chain game, first player send a random emoticon to his friend or a group. The other player will send a related emoticon. In this way a chain starts if any of the player send any unrelated emoticon he will be disqualified.
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Name me!

The Game Name me is a great game to bring the new close friends close. This game will definitely take your relation to extreme level. This game will potential to turns ordinary conversation into naughty text conversation. For example you send your partner a message. I saw you in my dream. You friend will name you according to your dream. On your turn you will do the same thing you can make a rule to use answer word in next question just for more fun.

20 Questions

The best game since the era of mobile phones. No one will deny about enjoying this game. The 20 Question let you know how closely your friend knows you. The game has rule of answering the question in Yes or No. You will win if you answer before your turns finish If you fails to answer your friend will win the game.

Reverse Writing

The game is little difficult but a tricky kind of game to play with your partner. In this game you have to start conversation in reverse way. In early days you will difficult to write in reversed way. The biggest advantage of this game is that you can continue your conversation in public bus or standard no one will understand your conversation.

These are some of the most interesting games to play over the text with your partner let the readers knows which are the most interesting game. 

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