Monday, 31 October 2016

Live the adventure inside Marrakech

Traveling to another country could be the best and the worst experience ever. Going to a different place with different cultures and some people can be great or the exact opposite. So, taking into account this, it is always better to go to a place in which you feel comfortable but in the other hand, you have to do an effort, there are many things to do that can make your trip a great experience.

If you go to a place and just take a look at the worst places, you are not going to feel good. You need to know the good side of the country and when you do that, you will feel connected to the country. If you for example decide to do a Morocco Tour you need to discover the best places and be a Marrakech insider.
If you are traveling to Morocco and you just spend time in Djem al Fna looking at everything that happens here, when it begins you will have fun but when the hours pass you will get bored. If you just spend time and then you come back home you will classify this trip as the worst experience ever, but if you travel to Marrakech, Casablanca, ride a camel in the Sahara Desert, drink tea, get lost in the medina, this trip will be the best of your life.
One reason why people tend to dislike Morocco is because these people who never seem to give up when offering a service. They are commonly called the touts. These are people who offer a service who is persistent and sometimes annoying. Morocco has plenty of them and tend to be really annoying but people need to relax, if you do not want a service you simply say in a formal way “I am not interested, thanks”, they will understand, and if they keep offering the service you just say it again and they will get it. There is no reason for being rude to them.
Remember to talk to your Morocco Tour Operator because here you will find the key to a great trip. They will help you organizing everything, helping you with the tickets and giving you advice. This is a great opportunity if you want to do Morocco Tours and you want that everything works well.
There are some rules you need to take into account if you really want to know Marrakech. One of the rules are: enjoy the free gardens and be relaxed; a strictly schedule will give you stress.

Maybe you are telling to yourself: visiting free gardens? I want something more! I do not need to walk around a garden if I do not have enough time in this city, but this is the greatest option. When you go to another country you do not want to feel stress, you want the opposite: a great view, nice landscape and enjoy. If you visit a free garden you will enjoy that and also you can take great pictures without wasting money. If you think about it this could be a great beginning. Also, there are many gardens you can visit.  Majorelle garden is a good option but there are other gardens you can visit for sure.

Another important thing deals with time. Do not be stressed about following your schedule. Traveling to another place is not a marathon it is a trip. Being stressed because you could not visit 10 places that were scheduled on Monday for example should not be a reason for getting angry in Morocco.

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