Friday, 24 June 2016

Cod Math Cup Cakeria Game

“Online games” the world itself is full of entertainment, excitement knowledge adventure and many more. When the games were invented, these were not really popular among people. These games were introduced in 1960 in the form of electronic games. As to take under light the history, Ralph Baer was considered as the father of these games. As the world modernized these electronic games were converted just into games. In ‘Adventure’ the first online game was created by “Will Crothers” in 1975. The game as the name indicated was with full of adventure.

After that these games becomes popular gradually since 1980s. As the games produced a site on interest among people, there’s came a sea of such games. No according to a survey about 1.2 billion people play these games and near about 700 million people play online games. Cod math cup-cakeria is an online game that consists of tasks, tat have to be done in specific time. The colored background characters and pattern of the game have the ability to capture the passion of players.

As the game starts you have to select a character that will act as a shopkeeper. The shopkeeper works to get the orders of the customers as they arrived.

The orders he or she put on the note pad and there’s a menu bar created, that helps what to do. After taking the order you have to prepare a cupcake according to menu decided by the customers. You have to prepare the cupcake by mixing the ingredients and then put them in oven. As the time complete the cupcake will be ready for garnishing. Now you have to garnish the cupcake by using different tools, as best as you can select to menu list. After garnishing you have to deliver the order to the customer and it will give you specific remarks in percentage, in term of accuracy. After that the customer will pay for it and the task will be complete.

Sometime during preparation of one order you have to deal another customer also as he arrived, then you have to prepare both orders collectively. These games are very much interesting and always attract the children and youngsters. 

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